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Тюнер iFlanger FT-11

Хроматический тюнер, компактный, с креплением за головку грифа. 



  • Clip-On chromatic tuner, can be attached directly to headstock of electric guitar, acoustic guitar and 12 string guitar.
  • Unique small size, easy to put into guitar case and gig bag.
  • Liquid Crystal Pendulum & bright flash light duo-display the tuning status intuitively.
  • Auto-off function: when no string vibration is present in 5 minutes, the FT-11 will turn off automatically to save battery energy.
  • 2 adjustable joints to ensure the best visibility angle without interrupting play.
  • Padded clip and built-in piezo pick up to ensure the best tuning performance.
Цена: 540 р.
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